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    Seamless: FAIRNET stages Foseco at GIFA

    9/19/19 | 8:20 AM time | FAIRNET

    Red hot molten steel illuminated by sparks: Vesuvius Foseco's appearance at GIFA in June drew a lot of attention with this special effect. For the first time, FAIRNET presented the company at the international foundry trade fair on total space of almost 1,300 square metres.

    The grand overhead display that was visible from afar was a highlight of the stand and, measured 16.5 by 8 metres, was the centre of the stand. This grand display was made entirely of fabric, and LED elements were used to back the outer edges, which were 3.5 metres high. The interplay of printed fabric and animations in LED gave the impression that molten steel was constantly running down the overhead display, accompanied by the characteristic dance of sparks. This imagery clearly articulated the theme of the stand: innovative solutions for iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries. On an area of around 1,100 square metres, the various exhibits and innovations were presented, including solutions for eliminating coating problems, a new modular riser system, a new filtration method for steel casting and innovations in crucible technology.

    The second floor of the two-storey stand was mainly used for one-to-one discussions and meetings with business partners. FAIRNET divided the approximately 185 square metres into two areas - a formal seating area with tables and chairs and an inviting lounge area. The two sides were connected by a sort of bridge that boasted one of the longest counters on the trade fair. Along its 17.5 meters guests were invited to choose a seat. From there, they could also enjoy a view of the whole exhibition stand.

    The main stand was complemented by a second stand area with four closed meeting rooms and a warehouse. A Careers Corner was set up in front of it and designed to appeal to young trade visitors in a likeable and modern way. Young trade visitors had the opportunity to learn about the industry and different jobs within it. The corridor between the two stands was decorated with the same carpet to create a visual connection which contributed to the attractive appearance of the entire ensemble.

    Foseco is a leading global supplier of consumables and solutions for the foundry industry and is part of the British Vesuvius Group.

    You can get a better understanding of this exhibition stand here .

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