Our Commitment

Sustainability is an important part of our company philosophy. Here at FAIRNET, sustainability has long been a must, rather than just nice-to-have. We feel a responsibility for the environment and future generations as well as for our customers, partners, suppliers and staff.

Sustainable Company

FAIRNET proved its sustainable business practices with a score of 111 out of 112 possible points in the "Sustainable Company" certification. Ecological, economic and ethical factors all played a role in the assessment. A sustainable approach to products and services was just as important as employee responsibility. The assessment was carried out by the federal events industry association "fwd: Bundesvereinigung Veranstaltungswirtschaft" (fwd: Federal Association of the Event Industry) and the climate protection agency CO2OL, according to a comprehensive list of criteria spanning eleven sections.


fwd: (Previously FAMAB)

fwd: is the short form of the symbolically powerful name "Forward", bringing together the German events industry across all sectors. fwd: aims to represent the interests of its members in politics and society as well as securing the future of this all-important industry. As a member, we are committed to the quality codex and work accordingly in partnership with our customers when planning and implementing trade fair appearances as well as in our other business areas.


FAMAB Foundation (FAMAB Stiftung)

FAIRNET is a supporting member of the FAMAB Foundation. The foundation promotes social and non-profit projects to protect nature and the environment, offering skills training, supporting young talent and investing in science and research. The FAMAB Foundation's central objective is to assume responsibility for the reduction of CO2 emissions which result from the activities in our industry. The planting of forests makes a particularly significant contribution.


Green Globe Certifikation

Green Globe is a certification body that assesses companies' sustainability performance based on internationally recognised criteria. According to the organisation, it is rooted in "Agenda 21". The principles stated there are intended to promote sustainable economic and environmental development and were accepted by 182 countries at the UN summit in 1992.


This is how sustainability works!

After the successful EinheitsEXPO 2021 in Halle (Saale) and in cooperation with Trash Galore and the state chancellery of Saxony Anhalt, we were able to make sure that 1.27 tons of PVC banners were saved from destruction, 51.143.200 litres of water were spared, 8 initiatives to give away left-over materials were supported and 6290.60 kg of Co2eq were saved. This is part of our commitment to a symbiosis across several industries whereby materials from events are reused as resources for other organisations. With this, we are contributing to sustainable consumer behaviour, supporting circular economies and protecting resources.