Location: Elbe meadows near Lutherstadt Wittenberg


October 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of the posting of Martin Luther's theses and the anniversary of the Reformation was celebrated both in Germany and around the world. Wittenberg, Luther's most important place of work and the cradle of the German Reformation, became the center of the celebrations. The most important elements were to be a large exhibition in public spaces in Luther's city and a festive church service with tens of thousands of people on the Elbe meadows outside the city gates.


FAIRNET realized the entire technical infrastructure for the festival service on the Elbe meadows. A 40-hectare meadow was transformed into a festival site for around 200,000 people - including a stage with an impressive roof structure, grandstands for several thousand musicians, media and catering areas, drinking water supply, sanitary facilities and more. FAIRNET also oversaw all tenders for trades and coordinated the work on site. The meadow was recultivated with the dismantling.

FAIRNET also realized the so-called World Exhibition in Wittenberg with seven themed worlds that shaped the cityscape along the historic ramparts from May to September. FAIRNET was responsible for the entire technical and structural implementation, always in compliance with the requirements of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and monument protection.