Location: Jena

Jenoptik Showroom


Under the motto "Experience More Light", Jenoptik wanted to open a new product exhibition to mark the company's 30th anniversary. The location: the traditional Jena Ernst-Abbe-Hochhaus, Jenoptik's headquarters in Jena. The aim was to provide insights into Jenoptik's history and product range as well as interesting facts about the long-established company.

Jenoptik Showroom


Making products visible and tangible that are not actually visible - this is exactly what the exhibition makes possible. FAIRNET has fitted all the walls with a front structure and installed backlit showcases as well as screens and showcases with integrated touch monitors (hype boxes). As with the trade fair presentations, the intense colors of the Jenoptik "ColorRays" are a central element of the interior design.

In addition to the history and general information, components manufactured with Jenoptik technologies, for example for automated production lines in the automotive industry or for speed monitoring, are also on display. The highlight of the new exhibition is the Future Table in the center of the room. Under a glass cover, the model of the Mars rover Perseverance, which has been on its way to the Red Planet since February 2021, was on display. The Future Table can be redesigned depending on the occasion.