Creative room

Location: Leipzig


Leipziger Messe wanted to create a thinking and creative space in its administration building. The space was to offer the Group's employees flexible working opportunities to develop ideas together and collaborate outside of traditional channels.


With MIDEA, a space was created that allows people to think "outside the box", interact and implement creative work processes. In order to do justice to the wide range of possible uses, the space is all about flexibility. The furniture and workstations can be moved around so that they can always be adapted to the diverse requirements. The three areas of the room reflect the phases that an idea goes through. In the Moving area, table football and a rocking sofa provide a breath of fresh air. The Think through area allows people to work on and discuss topics alone or in small groups. In the Discuss area, various pieces of seating furniture combine to form an atrium. Here, ideas can be presented and developed in front of a large auditorium. All areas are equipped with whiteboards and blackboards. Screens and sound technology are also available. In addition, colorful design elements contribute to the visual variety in the room.