Location: Frankfurt/Main

Sinn Hausmesse


The idea of the SINN special exhibition at the company headquarters in Frankfurt was born during the time when trade fairs could not take place due to the pandemic and were missing as an important platform for presentation and exchange. The aim was to provide an insight into the history of the SINN brand in a variety of ways and to create an appealing setting for the presentation of classic watches and the latest developments as well as for business exchanges.

Sinn Hausmesse


The concise appearance of the trade fair presentations was further developed here and the SINN brand was brought to life in a light-flooded atrium. A striking aspect of the concept were large-format graphics and the staging of the exhibits in various, partly free-standing, illuminated showcases as well as a dark anthracite as the basic color of the wall elements and furniture. In addition to special awards for the traditional company, the exhibition featured successful models of diver's and pilot's watches, accompanied by artifacts such as flight suits and aircraft parts as well as a documentation of the record jump "Jump the largest flag" from 2021. Impressive scenes of the use of pilot's watches, diver's watches and mission timers were also shown. A slightly elevated area within the atrium could also be used for presentations and discussions.