Event/Location: CMT, Stuttgart

Area: 552 m²


All tourism associations in the region are united under the umbrella brand Schwäbische Alb. The aim is to increase awareness of the core areas of hiking, cycling and excursions. A corporate design was developed for Schwäbische Alb Tourismus for the various trade fair appearances, which unites 45 regions at the CMT/ Stuttgart, for example, but still leaves them enough individuality.


The umbrella brand, the core areas and the regions were optimally presented on three communication levels by means of circular banners, which facilitated orientation for visitors. By means of experience maps and action areas, FAIRNET illustrated the core areas of hiking, cycling and excursions simply and interactively. Each individual presentation of the 45 regions offered good working conditions for the associations. They had their own supply area as well as modern counters equipped with a backlit logo, plasma screen, computer station and sufficient brochure compartments.