Event/Location: EXPO REAL, Munich

Area: : : 186 m²


With its 78 shopping centres in 12 countries, URW is one of the world's leading owners, developers and operators of sustainable, high-quality real estate. For this reason, an appearance was to be developed especially for Expo Real that would represent the company's values and goals, impressively present the group portfolio and the project, and fulfil the main purpose of URW's presence: to stay in touch with existing partners and build new partnerships. In doing so, it was important to reuse large parts of the stand and to exchange individual elements over the years in such a way that new accents are always created.


The implementation was carried out using an unusual and dynamically modern design language in order to present URW as an innovative and future-oriented company. High-quality materials were used in all stand construction areas; also to optimise the use of resources in the following years. The creation of a wide variety of communication zones, such as consulting tables as an open area, consulting tables as a semi-enclosed area, separate meeting rooms with individual and project-related design, as well as various lounge areas with a very personal touch, enabled URW to communicate optimally with its customers.