At BAU China in autumn 2020, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft wanted to make a virtual showroom a central part of its analog presentation. The aim was to provide a virtual overview of current products in conjunction with the stand concept at the trade fair. The virtual showroom was subsequently adapted for BAU Munich 2021, as this trade fair only took place digitally due to the pandemic.


In the virtual showroom that FAIRNET developed for the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the subject areas of the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance were brought together. The application provided potential customers with a compact overview of current products and subject areas - divided into three levels, with information in German and Chinese. The entrance area provided access to individual subject areas, products and detailed descriptions in the form of images, videos, data sheets and more. Personal contacts, the relevant Fraunhofer Institutes and the social media channels were linked in the app. The analog stand concept at BAU China was geared towards the app. Visitors were able to look around the virtual showroom at several touch steles. The showroom was also displayed on a large LED wall.

BAU Munich took place exclusively digitally in 2021 and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft's virtual showroom was adapted for this purpose. One highlight of the interactive environment was the 3D exhibits, which visitors could view from all sides and in detail by zooming and rotating. A toolbar was used to chat directly with the Fraunhofer team. Quick links to social media channels, contact details and live presentations were also integrated.