Under the title OTWorld connect, the largest and leading international industry platform for manufacturers, retailers and service providers in the field of modern assistive technology took place exclusively online for the first time in 2020. The aim was to create an appealing digital presentation platform for exhibitors.


FAIRNET has developed a new format for exhibitors at OTWorld connect - the Innovations Showrooms. The virtual exhibition opened up as a honeycomb world against a seemingly airy backdrop. From the design to the technical implementation, FAIRNET followed the basic idea of OTWorld with the honeycomb world: just as the global trade fair networks different industries on one platform, the virtual exhibition also reflected the diversity of the industry and invited visitors to discover it.

A click on the honeycombs led to individual showrooms in which more than 50 exhibitors from 15 countries presented their products and offerings. They could choose between various presentation options - including the integration of moving images, text and pictures or interactive video conferencing tools. Icons provided helpful links, a digital business card, a download area and a map showing the company's location. When leaving a showroom, visitors were asked whether they would like to leave their contact details so that the exhibitor can get in touch with them directly.

FAIRNET developed an upload tool for the individual design of the showrooms so that exhibitors could enter their content themselves, create previews and make adjustments. Orientation in the honeycomb world was provided by a classic search function that allowed both alphabetical and industry filtering. There was also a button that led to a randomly selected exhibitor.